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Girls' Summer Workshop Series concludes with Simultaneous Exhibition!

Our free Girls' Summer Workshop Series (sponsored by Veteran Strategies, Inc.) concluded last week with a pizza dinner and a simultaneous exhibition given by peer instructors Madison Brown and Laura Escobar--the two highest rated female chess players in the state!

Every participant underwent eight weeks of lessons in tactics like forks, pins, skewers, discovered attacks, then got together to cash in their calculation points and receive certificates of achievement.

The "Best Game" medals in the simul went to Iva Jovanovic and Hansini Srivatsa. The "Best Participation" medals for the whole series went to Gracie Biberstine and Clara Kalwat.

We thank the participants, St. Thomas Aquinas School for hosting, and especially Veteran Strategies for sponsoring the pizza dinner and medals last night!

We thank most sincerely Madison and Laura--for their leadership, their generosity with time and talent, and for being wonderful role models so all the girls can see what hard work can accomplish! Their chess careers have been exciting to watch, and if/as they continue, we'll always support them!

Stay tuned for an announcement of Indy's first girls only tournament after we work to finalize details.

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