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Indy Chess partners with Indianapolis Public Schools to run 2nd annual IPS School Chess Championship

On Monday, May 20 we had the pleasure of running the 2nd Annual IPS School Chess Championship at (former) Broad Ripple High School. There were two Indy Chess programs competing (CFI 27 and Cold Spring), plus a few Indy Chess members from other schools. Fifteen total schools competed, which is up from just nine last year!

Due to some bus delays, we had to keep it at three rounds instead of four, but the kids had a blast. Here were the results:

2nd Grade & Under

1st Place - Cold Spring School (3.0/3.0)

2nd - Center for Inquiry 84 A (2.5/3.0)

3rd-7th (tiebreak order b/c all had 1.5/3.0) - Rousseau+Sidener (Hybrid Team), CFI 84 B, George Washington Carver B, CFI 2

Sportsmanship - Ernie Pyle + GWC (Hybrid Team)

5th Grade & Under

1st Place - Center for Inquiry 84 A (3.0/3.0)

2nd - Center for Inquiry 27 A (2.5/3.0)

3rd-4th - Cold Spring School (2.0/3.0), CFI 84+CFI27 (Hybrid Team)

Sportsmanship - Anna Brochhaussen

Note: CFI 27 B also scored 2.5/3.0 and earned 3rd place, but due to a recording error, did not receive credit that day.

12th Grade & Under

1st Place - Short Ridge High School (3.0/3.0) - Led by Indy Chess member Jack Hawkins on board one!

2nd-3rd Place - Harshman Middle School (2.5/3.0) and Longfellow MS

Sportsmanship - Northwest MS

Our many thanks to...

  • Mary Catherine and all at Indianapolis Public Schools for organizing this event!

  • Dr. Aleesia Johnson, Superintendent of IPS, for attending and speaking at the event;

  • Indy Chess member Xavier Colter for volunteering as Assistant Tournament Director;

  • More than 150 kids and their coaches who participated!

  • You all for the donations that make our nonprofit efforts possible, from school chess club scholarships to running tournaments in-kind.

Like always, you win or you learn! Have a great summer kids, and come back stronger next year!

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